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Contract offer

1. General provisions

1.1. These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") are a public offer of a Limited Liability Company "EI SI GI", addressed to all individuals interested in the Services under the conditions specified in these Terms.

1.2. These Rules are developed by the Limited Liability Company EI SI GI in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.3. These Rules determine the procedure for submitting and processing Requests from Customers, the procedure for providing Services, the form and procedure for payments for Services rendered.

1.4. These Rules (the offer agreement) are available to all persons for review on the Internet on the website www.aconcierge.ru.

2. Terms

2.1 Society — limited liability company “EI SI GI”, was in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation (bin 1147746917812, 7736679659 INN ) and has the exclusive rights to the Website at www.aconcierge.ru in full (hereinafter-the Society).

2.2. The Client is any legally capable individual who has reached the age of 18, has accepted this offer agreement, and has joined these Rules.

2.3. The Company's Services & mdash;services, a list of which is given in the section « Services» of these Rules. The list of Services is an integral part of these Rules. The Company, at its sole discretion, has the right to make changes to the specified list at any time. In this case, the Client may request a Service that is not specified in the list, and the Company, depending on the available capabilities, has the right to provide such a Service or refuse such a Service to the Client. The Client may request the Company's Service either for himself or for a third party.

2.4. The website of the company — the page the Companies on the Internet at www.aconcierge.ru.

2.5. The acceptance of the offer of Companies — the acceptance of the offer by implementing a Customer of formal action, expressing the intention to use the services of the Society, — and it – by reading these terms and Prepayment. By making an Acceptance, the Client confirms that he fully and unconditionally agrees to all the terms of this Offer (Rules).

2.6. Offer — present document "the Contract of a public offer for the provision of services to Customers, Society” published in the Internet at the following address: www.aconcierge.ru.

2.7. Prepayment — in the amount of 5000 rubles, which after the Customer shall consent to the terms of this Offer and to receive the Service upon Request.

2.8. Request & mdash; application for the provision of the Company's Services, submitted by the Client in accordance with the procedure established by these Rules.

2.9. Support — a special unit of the Society, all day, every day of the controlling and processing incoming Requests and provide feedback with Customers by phone: +7 (925) 911-11-15, via SMS using the messenger WhatsApp, Viber or email welcome@aconcierge.ru.

2.10. Personal assistant — person engaged in operations with a specific Client.

3. Services

3.1 List of services provided by the Company.

3.1.1. Hotels.

Book the best hotels on special terms around the world.

3.1.2. Events.

Purchase VIP tickets, organize visits to events and events around the world.

3.1.3. Private planes.

Organization of a private flight.

3.1.4. Visas.

Obtaining long-term visas in the shortest possible time.

3.1.5. Private and corporate events.

Organization of private and corporate events «turnkey».

3.1.6. Restaurants.

Special conditions and privileges when booking tables, VIP rooms in the best restaurants.

3.1.7. Night life.

Special conditions and privileges when booking tables and VIP boxes in the best night clubs.

3.1.8. Gifts.

Selection and purchase of exclusive gifts, flower delivery.

3.1.9. Medicine.

Selection and registration in the best clinics around the world.

3.1.10. Tailoring of a suit, selection of a wardrobe.

Individual tailoring of a suit and selection of a wardrobe.

3.1.11. Sports.

Purchase of season tickets to the best sports clubs on special terms.

3.1.12. Education.

Selection and organization of training in the best educational institutions.

3.1.13. Art.

Purchase of art objects from auctions and the best world exhibitions.

3.1.14. Yacht and luxury car rentals.

Rent the best yachts and luxury cars on special terms.

3.1.15. Secretaries and personal assistants.

Selection of secretaries and personal assistants.

3.2. All services are provided in the premium segment worldwide.

3.3. All services are provided in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

4. Submission of Requests and the procedure for the provision of Services by the Company

4.1. Services are provided to Customers upon Request.

4.2. Requests are submitted by the Client in writing in the following ways: via SMS messages, Whatsapp or Viber messengers at +7 (925) 911-11-15 or by e-mail welcome@aconcierge.ru.

4.3. Opening hours of the Company for the provision of Services on Request-Requests are accepted around the clock, processed from 10.00 to 22.00 daily.

4.4. The number of options for implementing a single Request is at least one option, and at most five options.

4.5. In case of refusal of the Customer from the Service if the suggested variants of realization of one to five, the Deposit is not refundable and is the Society as actually incurred costs according to Customer's Request.

4.6. If it is impossible to make a Request for objective reasons-there are no options for implementing the Service-the Prepayment remains with the Company as the Client's deposit and can be used as an Advance Payment for any subsequent Request of the Client.

4.7. Prices for Services are indicated in rubles via telephone communication and text messaging in messengers or by e-mail and are valid at the time of payment.

4.8. The Terms of Service are considered accepted by the Client from the moment of Acceptance according to the procedure described in paragraph 2.5 of these Rules.

5. Payment procedure for the Company's Services and payment security

5.1. Before the full payment of the Services on the part of the Client, the Company issues an invoice for Prepayment by sending a link to the Client's phone or email.

5.2. All payments between the Client and the Company, including Prepayment and payment of the final invoice, are made in the currency of the Russian Federation-Russian ruble.

5.3. The prepayment is 5000 Russian rubles.

5.4. After making an Advance Payment, the Company begins work on the implementation of the Request.

5.5. After agreeing with the Client on the options for implementing the Request and agreeing on the price of the Service, the Company issues a final invoice for payment, taking into account the Prepayment.

5.6. Payment of invoices is made by the Client's bank card by redirecting from the Company's Website to the website of the CloudPayments electronic payment system (https://cloudpayments.ru/, then & ndash; CloudPayments).

5.7. The security and reliability of bank card payments through CloudPayments processing is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the PCI DSS standard version 2.0.

5.8. The Company does not have access to the Client's bank card and is not responsible for the data about it, all information is entered on the secure page of the CloudPayments system.

6. Procedure for making changes to the Rules

6.1. Changes and additions to these Rules are made by the Company unilaterally.

6.2. For the entry into force of amendments and additions to the Rules made by the Company on its own initiative, the Company informs the Client about such changes and additions by posting the new version of the Rules on the Company's website.

6.3. If the Client does not agree with the changes, he/she has the right to terminate the contract in accordance with the procedure set out in these Rules in clause 6.4.

6.4. The Client is considered to have agreed to the amendments and additions made to the Rules if he / she has not applied to the Company for termination of the agreement within 10 (ten) days from the date of publication of the new version of the Rules on the Company's website.

7. Intellectual Property

7.1. The Company owns the exclusive rights to the Website, including any related results of intellectual activity, including program code, interface, design, texts, as well as to the brand name, trademarks and other commercial names.

7.2. All the results of intellectual activity and names described in clause 7.1 are the property of the Company, which is protected by the laws of the Russian Federation regulating the sphere of intellectual property, copyrights, trademarks, patents and other Russian laws.

7.3. Reproduction, copying and distribution in any form of any types of results of intellectual activity and names belonging to the Company is possible only with the written permission of the Company, certified by the seal and signature of the head of the Company. Failure to comply with this requirement is a violation of the laws of the Russian Federation regulating the field of intellectual property, and other Russian and international laws. Ignorance of the above provisions does not exempt from liability for their violation.

8.Other terms and conditions

8.1. The Customer's claims for the Services rendered are accepted by the Company in writing by e-mail welcome@aconcierge.ru

8.2. The claim must contain the following information:

- the date and time of occurrence of the circumstances concerning which the claim is made;

- conditions for the occurrence of such circumstances;

- the content of the Client's requirements;

- the Client's details for sending a reasoned response to the claimed claim;

- mobile phone number and email address, including for feedback from the Client and / or his authorized representative.

8.3. The Company considers the Client's claim within 30 working days from the date of its receipt, after which it sends a reasoned response in writing to the details specified in the claim.

8.4. The Client agrees that third parties that sell goods/services are independent operators operating separately from the Company and are solely responsible for the quality, functioning and safety of the goods/services sold, as well as that the Company is not responsible for the improper quality of the goods and Services provided, for their improper execution, as well as for failures in the operation of payment systems.

8.5. The customer is entitled to refuse the execution of this agreement at any time upon payment of the Society of costs actually incurred at the Client's Request by sending Society statement on cancellation of the contract by e-mail: welcome@aconcierge.ru.

8.6. The Client gives his consent to the processing by the Company of his personal data provided by him: FULL name, phone number, e-mail address, as well as other personal data, and confirms that by giving such consent, he acts at his own will and in his own interests.

8.7. Protection of personal data. In accordance with Part 2 of Article 6 of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006 On Personal Data, the processing of the Client's personal data is carried out for the purpose of fulfilling this Agreement of the offer of the Company, of which the Client is one of the parties. The Client's personal information is not subject to disclosure, except in cases stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. Bank details and contact details of the Company

9.1. Full name of the organization: Limited Liability Company EI SI GI.".

Abbreviated name of the organization: LLC "EI SI GI".

Legal address: 119313, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, house 95, FL TSOK POM X, OF 22.

Postal address: 119313, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, house 95, FL TSOK POM X, OF 22.

Phone, fax: +7 (925) 911-11-15

E-mail: welcome@aconcierge.ru

TIN: 7736679659

CHECKPOINT: 773601001

OGRN: 1147746917812

OKPO: 11540461

Current account: no. 40702810802200003071

Correspondent account: no. 30101810200000000593

BIC: 044525593

Full name of the bank: JSC "ALFA-BANK".

9.2. Contacts of the Company's Support Service

Phone: +7 (925) 911-11-15

Address: 119313, Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, house 95, FL TSOK POM X, OF 22.

E-mail: welcome@aconcierge.ru.